Video repair for beginners and experts

Have you ever lost any video files which were important for you? This can happen both in private life and in business. Are you currently needing reliable and easy video repair? Then meet VRT!

“A picture says more than thousand words” – so it is not surprising that videos have become the number one media of our times. Sometimes video files do not play, get stuck or run with delay due to damaged file strucutres. With our video repair software “Video Repair Tool” (VRT), it is easy for you to keep your audiovisual memories fresh and running.

graugmbh_videorepair_box “We googled 2 days to find a solution to repair some broken .MP4 movie files -we couldn’t find one, so we started to build our own.”


One video repair software for most of your damaged files

In the following sections, you find out more about the two software versions VRT and VRT5. You can check some common user scenarios for our video repair software. Further, you can browse a list of compatible camera types and add your camera type. If you are interested in the software’s technical details, you can also read how video file repair with VRT works “beyond the surface”. We the offer you demo versions for download and full versions for purchase directly on our product page. Our quick start manual leads you through download,installation and a sample repair case. For detailed instructions, we recommend you to read the PDF manual in the download section. If you have any questions about the software or your video file repair, our FAQ might help you out. For more specific issues, you’ll find our contact form.

The correct software for your video repair case

Do you need to repair one or several video files? Do you want to use VRT and want to choose the adequate software version for your scenario? Then take a look at our checklists for VRT and VRT5.





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There are many situations in which you need your video files to run again. You might have video repair issues for your company’s marketing trailer or for your mother’s birthday video. Maybe you are also a filmmaker and reproducing a scene is too expensive or exhausting. Whatever you need your intact video file for, VRT has been a way to go for more than a decade. Take a look at some common scenarios.


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Video Repair Tool – features and functionality

Now you know which possible scenarios you can use VRT for and which version is sufficient and adequate for your purpose. VRT is compatible with all common file systems and generelly with most camera types. Find out why repairing videos is easy with VRT although each camera processes and stores movies differently.


Functions and features of MaxDataGenius




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Download and purchase

Our customers’ video repair cases are in our focus – so we do not want you to “buy a pig in a poke”. This means: Always download the demo versions of VRT and VRT5 and test them with your data before you click on “Purchase”. By testing the software first, you can anticipate if it repairs your video files correctly.


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Making video repair even easier: user manuals and support

Do you need any assistance because you do not know how VRT functions? Then check our user manuals. After following the instructions in our quick start manual, you can download and read a full PDF manual in the download section. You also find further information on video recovery in our FAQ. For special and complicated cases, contact our e-mail support.


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