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Meet Grau GmbH Hardware & Software Solutions!

Grau GmbH Hardware & Software solutions is a start-up company founded in 2013 (based on Grau GbR since 2006). We’ve been developing and creating high-quality hardware and software solutions for almost 20 years. Our product portfolio includes data recovery software, video repair software, versatile and programmable USB modules, a practical e-mobility app and a solution for self-driving lawn mowers.

Hi there! Nice to meet you at our Grau GmbH company profile.

Hi there! Nice to meet you at our Grau GmbH company profile.


“We make IT easy” – simple solutions for you

IT should save you time and nerves instead of taking them away. Therefore, all software and hardware products of Grau GmbH are versatile and easy to use at many occasions. They tackle some very common technical issues that many users are frequently confronted with.

Let's talk about ... helpful IT solutions!

Let’s talk about … helpful IT solutions!

Have you lost any private or business files and do you need to recover them?

Let MaxDataGenius do this job for you!

Have you got some very important videos on your camera which do not play anymore?

Just select an intact video file from the same camera and repair your movies with VideoRepairTool.

Do you regularly struggle with one or more hotkeys or mouse-click sequences which really get on your nerves?

Are there frequent entry errors? Is there any presentation hardware which you need to save from damage? Our fully programmable USB modules are robust enough for most challenging woking environments and save you and your co-workers from finger-knotting on your keyboards.

Do you want to save time and money when it comes to mowing and greenkeeping?

Then meet our the autonomous green mower tools.

Are you interested in a project cooperation and looking for reliable partners who help you create the matching IT solutions?

Grau GmbH is looking forward to your ideas and business concepts.

Is hardware and software distribution your „home area“ and you are constantly looking for high-quality products?

Then check if MaxDataGenius, VideoRepairTool and the USB modules fit into your portfolio.

Our principles at Grau GmbH – your advantage

In our daily business, the customer‘s needs always come first. Therefore, Grau GmbH follows the main principles of the IT industry and service sector. Overall, these are KISS, UX, WYSIWYG, Product Life Cycle (PLC) and Agile Developing Methods.

You use IT - we code it!

It’s simple: You use IT – we code it!

Grau GmbH’s IT business principles

KISS – Keep it short and simple!

Generally, our hardware and software products come with an easy handling which matches the needs of both expert and average users. All products come with user manuals for each level of previous knowledge – from a short quick start page to a detailed PDF manual. You won‘t find any dazzling or needless elements in our software products or within the USB modules‘ programming app. No long search – just an easy start!


UX – Your experience counts!

In order to guarantee an easy handling for you, we have constantly tested and optimized our hardware and software products according to technical standards and customer feedback. As it is common for software distribution, every customer can „try before buy“. So our demo version easily proves if they can match your data recovery or video repair case. If you decide for one of our products, Paypal processes your purchase within a short time. You get your product either instantly with software downloads or within a few days if you bought any hardware.


WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get!

Grau GmbH designs products for users of all knowledge levels, starting from basic experience regarding common IT devices and applications. So, as a „basic user“, you usually only get to see and learn what is relevant and necessary for you. No complicated technical details, just a straight way to go to all functions and tips that matter. However, expert users can always go the extra mile beyond the WYSIWYG handling. Our manuals and website always include chapters serving the need for more background information and technical specifications.


Product life cycle and agile development

Product life cycle – From development to customer support!

We initiate and follow the life cycle of our products – from the first command line of a new app to e-mail support after purchase. Most processes are running in-house. So we have a detailed insight into common errors occurring on the customer side and into possible easy solutions. As a customer, you can thus profit from first-hand experience and knowledge without a complex distribution network.

Agile methods – the fast and versatile way to development success!

As a small startup company, we rely on agile methods whenever we create and optimize hardware and software products. Agile development processes make it possible to react to customer requirements a lot faster and to easily adapt to necessary changes on the global markets.

Ideas grow where people connect with each other! Are you in?

Ideas grow where people connect with each other! Are you in?

Grau GmbH: Our story and current projects

The story of Grau GmbH started with some video files which needed repair in the early 2000s. After searching for some strong and functional video repair software for several days, founder and CEO Alexander Grau decided to solve the problem himself. The results: VideoRepairTool and the beginning of Grau GbR. The second CEO Christian Grau entered the business and created the second established software product, MaxDataGenius. After having worked with an American license partner for a few years, the two startup founders took the challenge to offer their products on their own account. Together with a network of external, reliable programmers they created more products and changed the Grau GbR‘s legal status into a limited company (German: GmbH) in 2013. Apart from the constantly available portfolio, Grau GmbH also cooperates with external projects partners, e.g. in the sectors of e-mobility and autonomous lawn mowers.

Are you interested in a distribution partnership or in a project cooperation, too? Then contact us and let us know!

The Grau GmbH team is looking forward to your call or e-mail!

The Grau GmbH team is looking forward to your call or e-mail!