USB Pushbox- keyboard, mouse and serial string output box (PBL-series, HID, programmable)

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  • Simulates a programmable HID keyboard, HID mouse device and a SERIAL RS232 device with up to 4 different programmable buttons
  • Simulates up to 6 keyboard keys in parallel and a maximum of 6×8 = 48 keystrokes in sequence  – for every button separately programmable
  • Type whole strings/words on your keyboard on button trigger, hold or release
  • Simulates up to 56 mouseclicks (left, middle, right) in sequence
  • Supported keyboard layouts: ENGLISH, GERMAN LATIN1/CP1252 (other layouts on demand)
  • All settings are stored in button-internal flash memory
  • Internal USB Serial interface with terminal emulation for programming
  • Strings can be sent the integrated USB serial port on button trigger, hold or release
  • Works with all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
  • NO driver required – fully Plug&Play
  • Very long USB cable: 280cm length (optional ‘ultra long’ 480cm)
  • Additional holes can be drilled in the bottom case; the box is developed for an installation on a firm and non vibrating ground; for application in mobile environment, please contact us.
  • Industrial quality: case by EATON industries; titan RMQ buttons: 1 million button presses life time minimum; mattfinished hard-PVC case with stainless steel screws
  • extra service: matching attachments for button labels (transparent, plastic) or transparent stick-on labels (DINA4-page, each label 20×30 mm)

Technical Specs:

  • Minimum: 1 Million switches lifespan, 3600 switches/ h possible
  • Buttons in 6 colors and 2 styles selectable: embedded and stick-out
  • 280 cm or 480 cm (optional) USB cable length
  • Size of case (L/W/H): 8,0 x 8,0 x 5,5 cm, Weight 0,25 kg (PBL1)
  • Four M4 mounting holes in bottom case
  • IEC/EN 60947-5; UL 508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05; CSA-C22.2 No. 94-91
  • CE marking, RoHS conformity
  • Protection class: IP66, IP67, IP69K ; UL/CSA Type 3R, 4X, 12, 13
  • UL listed (UL file No. E29184, UL category control No. NKCR)
  • CSA certified (CSA file No. 012528, CSA class No. 3211-03)
  • Climate resistance: up to 100% humidity, -15°C to 40°C
  • WEEE Number: 92318050 ; German tax tariff number: 85381000

Measurements (width=W/height=H/depth=D)

  • with 1 button: 8 cm W/D, 5,5 cm H (case only), 7,5 cm H with button (sticking out), weight: 0,25 kg
  • with 2 buttons: 12 cm W, 8 cm D, 5,5 cm H (case only), 7,5 cm H with buttons (sticking out)
  • with 3 buttons: 15,5 cm W, 8 cm D, 5,5 cm H (case only), 7,5 cm H with buttons (sticking out)
  • with 4 buttons: 18,5 cm W, 8 cm D, 5,5 cm H (case only), 7,5 cm H with buttons (sticking out), weight: 0,45 kg
  • with 6 buttons: 25 cm W, 8 cm D, 5,5 cm H (case only), 7,5 cm H with buttons (sticking out)

Application examples

Find some typical scenarios in our use cases for pushboxes!

  • Exhibitons, fairs and shows:
    Let the customer start (or pause or restart on next trigger) a demonstration video of your product. Due to the heavy-vandalism-protected robust design of the button thousands of customers can trigger it without destroying your demonstration computer/tablet.
  • Customer Information Terminals: Motivate your customers to take a closer look at your customer information terminal by attracting them with a big button. Advantage: The touchscreen of your customer terminal will be less stressed if common key functions like “Enter” are executed by the button.
  • Attract and motivate your customers: Attach the button to a tablet (via USB-OTG adapter cable) or notebook computer. Then run an application (i.e. powerpoint slideshow or powerpoint pages with embedded videos) that motivate your customer to press the button again and get more involved with your product.
  • Powerpoint presentation for customers:
  • Let your customers cycle through your presentation without typing any unwanted keys/ disrupting the presentation cycle (i.e. press space via button/customer trigger; at the end of the slideshow auto-restart the presentation)
  • Industrial environment: Start/stop a machine process via USB.
  • Artists performers on stage: Trigger a beamer show with an appealing buzzer. Trigger by foot is also no problem.
  • Private or TV Shows/ Gameshows: Let your candidates push the button to play a sound and give an answer (buzzer function).
  • Instant logout/login: After a process has finished, instantly logout (in Windows, OS-X, Linux); next button triggers instantly login
  • Instant Video/Audio Start/Pause-Function: By programming the ‘USB-HID-Consumer Start/Pause-Mediakey’ the button alternates between Play and Pause.
  • Type ANY sequence of key-combinations: I.e. Windows+D for desktop; Windows+L for Logoff/Logon; PlayMedia: Windows+R + “wmplayer C:\videos\demo1.avi”; CTRL-ALT-ESC for taskmanager)
  • Fast and secure user login/ logout: On first button press let the button type Windows+L for Logon screen. Then let it type the internal save user password and sending an Enter. On second button press let the button type Windows+L to log out.
  • DJ function: mute/unmute your sound; with 2 buttons: set volume higher or lower (also in several steps=fade in/out)
  • Start/Stop Videos: Use USB HID consumer button functions
  • Switch between Standby/Wakeup of your computer to protect it from other views:
    On first button press the computer goes Standby; on second button press the computer wakes up again. Note: For WakeUP from Standby the USB S3 feature must be enabled in the BIOS.
  • Auto-Type complicated key-combinations in one actuation: I.e.  CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACE

For more use cases please click here


 Purchase directly from manufacturer

Small quantities (<10 pieces)

Free shipping to EU countries:

Please note: The prices will be corrected. After clicking on “Buy Now” 19% VAT will be applied to all net prices.

1 x pushbox_1 USB Pushbox (PBL1) :  116,81 EUR + 19% VAT= 139,00 EUR (free EU shipping)

1 x pushbox_2USB Pushbox (PBL2) : 134,81 EUR + 19% VAT= 160,42 EUR (free EU shipping)

1 x pushbox_3USB Pushbox (PBL3) : 152,81 EUR + 19% VAT= 181,84 EUR (free EU shipping)

1 x pushbox_3USB Pushbox (PBL4) : 170,81 EUR + 19% VAT= 203,26 EUR (free EU shipping)

1 x pushbox_6USB Pushbox (PBL6) : 206,00 EUR + 19% VAT= 246,10 EUR (free EU shipping)

Shipping to non-EU countries:

1 x pushbox_1 USB Pushbox (PBL1W) :   116,81 EUR + 20,-EUR shipping = 136,81 EUR

1 x pushbox_2USB Pushbox (PBL2W) : 134,81 EUR + 20,-EUR shipping = 154,81 EUR

1 x pushbox_3USB Pushbox (PBL3W) : 152,81 EUR + 20,-EUR shipping = 172,81 EUR

1 x pushbox_3USB Pushbox (PBL4W) : 170,81 EUR + 20,-EUR shipping= 190,81 EUR

1 x pushbox_6USB Pushbox (PBL6W) : 206,81 EUR + 20,- EUR shipping= 226,81 EUR

 Please contact us if you want to order the button with the ‘ultra long 480cm cable’ (standard is 280cm) for the same price.Customer configuration: Please tell us


A) The color of each button

B) The type of each button: embedded– upper row in left photo or stick-out – lower row.




IMPORTANT: If we do not receive any message regarding the configuration from you within 24 hours after purchase, the button will be shipped with the configuration as shown in the photo above.

Scope of delivery:
– USB Pushbutton pre-programmed with keys “1”-“6” (if we get no other message in your order)
– MiniCD with software and manual

Typical delivery time: EU shipping 3-4 working days; Worldwide: typ. 4-12 working days.

Do you want to purchase 10 pieces or more?
=> Please contact us.

usermanual User manual/ Anleitung

Quick start for the programming app (English)

Erste Schritte mit der Programmierhilfe (Deutsch)

Klicken Sie hier und sehen Sie das Quickstart-Tutorial-Video

Website manual: Programming your USB modules without app assistance (pros only)

Onlinehandbuch: USB-Module ohne App-Unterstützung programmieren (mit Quickstart)

Website manual: Connecting and programming USB modules with app assistance (all users)


If you have no CD/DVD ROM reader, you can download the CD software here.

Download the Windows pushbutton/pushbox configuration application and setup your Pushbutton/Pushbox much more comfortable.

Also read how to get started with the software in ten simple steps.

Programmable USB modules - entering and copying keys via key probing

Programmable USB modules – entering and copying keys via key probing

Configuration example 1: programmable USB modules can open application like Open Office

Configuration example 1: programmable USB modules can open application like Open Office

Configuration example 2: By simulating

Configuration example 2: By simulating “Windows + L”, you can make your operation system log you in and out with a push