When to use MaxDataGenius Basic


MaxDataGenius Basic saves memories

We are all aware that saving our data correctly is an important point – also in private settings. Nonetheless, errors happen, and then our data recovery software MaxDataGenius Basic can help you to easily recover your files. Let’s play a little game of imagination how and when  the programme minimizes your troubles caused by data loss.

MaxDataGenius Basic helps you to restore your wedding memories

MaxDataGenius Basic restores memories

1. Your wedding pics and videos have been lost or deleted.

A wedding should be one of the sweetest and most beautiful occasions in a couple’s life. It is an event full of memories to keep for decades, even for the following generations. Nowadays, many couples decide for a complete „wedding story“ consisting of lots of photos and videos produced by a professional photographer. The sweeter the happiness of newly-weds tastes, the more bitter the loss of wedding memories due to technical errors or a wrong click on your computer keyboard or camera feels. With MaxDataGenius Basic, you can easily recover your memories and keep them safe for your children and grandchildren.

2. You just lost baby and family photos.

Baby's first smile needs to be kept forever

Baby’s first smile needs to be kept forever

Time races when you watch you children and grandchildren grow up or spend the last years of life together with your aging relatives. Especially in the „digital age“ when a family album in a printed format is more an exception than the usual way to go, it might be necessary to guard, refresh and recover the memories concerning your loved ones. In the era of digital photography and social media, these memories often come in a digital form. Common examples are baby photos taken on your digital camera or smartphone, the last snapshots of your deceased grandparents which show them in a happy mood, or holiday videos which light up your everyday life. If you lost some of these ideally worthy files, e.g. after a disk defect or a wrong formatting action, MaxDataGenius Basic can act as a trouble shooter for you.

Pictures for blogs are always an effort - MaxDataGenius Basic saves them

MaxDataGenius Basic saves your blog pictures

3. You’re a blogger and lost your text documents or pictures.

Sharing one’s knowledge or ideas on the internet has become a common pastime even if you are not a professional writer or photographer. People love to read and write private blogs about different aspects of daily life. Are you writing short stories and publishing them on your website? Do you love fashion and beauty products and love to present pictures of your personal style? Are you writing and photographing for charity purposes on a non-professional basis? Are you involved in politics and want to make a statement? The contents of blogs are as diverse as their creators and in all cases losing your text documents and pictures can be a painful experience. With MaxDataGenius Basic, you can easily recover your blog contents and create a safe backup in case your content management system has not done this job adequately.

Losing video files costs time an effort - get them back easier!

Losing video files costs time and money – get them back easier!

4. You’re a vlogger or influencer and lost your pictures or videos.

Everyone who has ever created a video for popular platforms like Vimeo or Youtube knows the efforts of video production and content optimization. It is just as complex to create a „perfect pictures“ for your instagram account if you are a social media afficionado staying in touch with followers. Keeping up and actualizing a social media account – be it on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter oder Facebook – always implies a lot of motivation and organization. Many people feel like they lose a bit of themselves when their social media data are deleted, for example after a disk damage caused by a computer virus. Don’t worry – MaxDataGenius Basic is a powerful tool to recover a number of file formats so you can quickly reconstruct your account or video channel.

Knowledge is power - as long as you can recover it!

Knowledge is power – as long as it is not lost!

5. You’re a student and lost your text documents, graphics or presentations.

Unless you are a typical „pen and paper learner“ in your university lectures and courses, you probably dispose of a rich archive of digital documents which refer to your studies. And even if you mainly use pen and paper to take notes during lectures and place your notes in printouts or books instead of using PDF tools, you need to create, realize and provide Power Point presentations, term papers, computer-typed handouts and your final Bachelor or Master thesis. Are you doing a doctorate? Then it is a great problem to accidentally lose or delete your documents completely or in parts. Errors can happen quickly out of routine and technology can fail. But with MaxDataGenius Basic, you have the possibility to get your documents back easily, which can save your academic career or at least spare you a lot of efforts.

With MaxDataGenius Basic, your lost administrative documents come back almost autmatically

With MaxDataGenius Basic, your lost administrative documents come back almost automatically

6. You need to recover your archive of administrative documents.

Once a year, the tax return keeps all taxpayers busy. Consequently, the topic of personal administration refers to a greater part of a country’s citizens. While in some countries print-out documents and copies still play a crucial role, other countries already rely on more digitalized ways of administration. In any case, it makes sense to keep and actualize a digital archive of all tax-relevant documents in order to have an overview over one’s personal administration. It is a lot of annoying effort to reconstruct such an archive manually once it is accidentally lost or deleted. MaxDataGenius Basic can do this job for you and bring back order to your preparations for the next tax return deadline and other aspects of organization.

These are only five life situations in which you might need an option to recover your personal files and in which MaxDataGenius Basic can help you out – easily and efficiently. Do you want to get to know this little helper? Then click on the product page button below!