USB pushbox in a nutshell

Using a USB module instead of a mouse, touchscreen or keyboard improves the performance of your production line or showroom. Like the mushroom buzzer, the USB pushbox simplifies the customer journey with an automaton, e.g. while buying a ticket or searching information. There is a number of possible user scenarios. In consequence, your programmable USB pushbox is a versatile tool for many occasions.


Working with a USB pushbox: Connect your processes!

Have you already decided to try a programmable USB module (mushroom buzzer or pushbox), but you don’t know yet which one is the best match for your scenario? First, here’s one important hint. With a mushroom buzzer, you usually execute one command list at a time with a mushroom buzzer. While applying a pushbox, however, you assign a command list to each integrated button and thus choose between several individual functions.
Plug in your USB pushbox and get started!

Plug in your USB pushbox and get started!

Who can install and configurate and a USB pushbox?

  • everyone who wants to simplify his or her IT processes
  • all users who want to simulate frequently recurring commands
  • users with and without any programming knowledge – it is easy with the app
  • customers from many business sectors – the USB pushbutton is a versatile tool
  • everyone who speaks English or German
  • especially users who need to simulate several processes with different buttons

What can the USB pushbox do for you?

  • simulate all command types, e.g. mouse clicks, key combinations, command strings
  • simplify the entry your frequently recurring commands and thus accelerate your processes
  • prevent your hardware from wear and damage, e.g. your touchscreen at a trade show or your keyboard in a production line
  • save your employees‘ time and optimize processes
  • function in an industrial and crowded environment because the USB pushbox is extremely robust
  • execute single commands for each indivual button integrated in the case

How does the USB pushbox function?

  • simulates all command types after programming it and flashing its memory
  • substitutes complicated mouse operations, string entries and key combinations
  • can be activated with both your hand and your foot as it endures up to 100 kg
  • comes with an app which makes programming easier

Which devices and file systems is the USB pushbox compatible with?

  • all current computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • automatons which rely on a common file system
  • computers with a Windows, Mac or Linux file system
  • current iOS and Android devices
  • most devices with an USB port (some require an adapter)

Which advantages does the USB pushbox offer?

  • saves and simulates up to 192 commands:
  • 8 command lists, 8 command rows, 3 data entries per row
  • robust, splashproof and easy to clean – practical for showroom or production settings
  • high quality performance according to current industrial standards
  • long life cycle: the USB buzzer performs about a million switching cycles
  • all command types, e.g. key combinations, mouse operations and string entries, are possible
  • fully programmable: performs different command types at the same time or in a sequence
  • easy handling with programming app, no programming knowledge required
For detailed information, take a look at the product page and read more about the product’s technical background.