Programmable USB pushbox: Technical data

After you got some basic product knowledge about the programmable USB pushbox, you can now focus on the technical facts beyond the surface. In the following chart with technical data, you find out more about certifications, materials, requirements of use and safety aspects. Note: If you’re interested in the technical background of our USB modules, you might want to compare the programmable USB pushbox with the USB mushroom buzzer/USB pushbutton. In this case, also take a look at the data chart of the USB pushbutton!
Find out more about the technical data of the programmable USB pushbox!

Find out more about the technical data of the programmable USB pushbox!

Technical data sheet for the programmable USB pushbox

Product: Programmable USB pushbox

Full name of product line: USB Pushbox (PBL-series, HID, programmable)
Standards applied: IEC/EN 60947-5; UL 508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05; CSA-C22.2 No. 94-91,CE, RoHS
Protection class: IP66, IP67, IP69K ; UL/CSA Type 3R, 4X, 12, 13
UL numbers:
  • UL file No. E29184
  • UL category control No. NKCR
CSA certification:
  • CSA file No. 012528
  • CSA class No. 3211-03
WEEE Number: 92318050
German tax tariff number: 85381000
Size of bottom case in mm(length, width, height): 80,00 x 72,00 x 56,00 mm
Material and design of buttons and case:
  • buttons: RMQ-titan, either embedded or sticking out
  • case: hard-PVC with stainless steel screws
Weight of a pushbox: 0,3kg
Length of USB cable (cm) 280cm, 480cm
Possible number of buttons: 6
Colours of buttons: six colours in an individual combination
Mounting holes four available in the bottom case,more can be added; mounting of pushboxes only on a firm and non-vibrating ground
Climate resistance:
  • humidity: up to 100%
  • temperature -15°C to 40°C
Lifespan and endurance:
  • vandalism-protected industrial quality, endures 100kg
  • minimum lifespan: 1 million switches (with 3600 switches/ h)
Compatible file systems: all versions of Windows, Apple IOS, Linux, Android
Supported keyboard layouts:
  • English, German, Latin1/CP1252
  • other layouts on demand>/li>
Maximum number of parallel simulations
  • up to 6 keyboard keys (maximum of 6×8 = 48 keystrokes in sequence)
  • individual programming for each button possible
Technology included in the product (hardware/software):
  • USB board with internal flash memory
  • internal USB serial interface with terminal emulation
  • app/GUI as an auxiliary tool for programming
Required hardware drivers: none