LED buzzer box: Spot on!

February 7, 2023 Off By Anna Katherina Ibeling
Eine USB- Pushbox mit LED wird oft bei unzureichender Beleuchtung eingesetzt

Most of our customers probably know our USB pushbuttons and USB pushboxes. But only a few probably have tested and enjoyed the “enlightened” version of automatized IT simulation “by push” so far. That’s no wonder because the LED buzzer box is just about to become a part of our product portfolio. Let’s take a look at some perfect occasions for a LED-lighted pushbox then!

What's the LED buzzer box good for?

1. Hit the right buttons in a darker work environment!

In general, routine processes at many workplaces have to run fast-handed, meaning as an easy and casual “no-brainer task”. Unfortunately, due to all simplified and automatized routines, circumstances are not always ideal for the workflow. Just like producing goods under insufficient lighting. If the sort of products you want to sell do require reduced lightning during some production processes, you can use the LED buzzer box as a “light bridge” for better orientation and faster outcomes with less handling errors.

Fehler vermeiden, Zeit und Material sparen- mit einer USB-Pushbox mit LED!
Reduced lighting is the best occasion for a LED buzzer box

2. Light up the party with a LED buzzer box!

Many entertainers and DJs might know the following issue – rocking the show in a very dark environment. Using a mushroom buzzer or pushbox can make things easier compared to a computer screen and keyboard. But this strategy only works with adequate lighting, so it is often necessary to install a lot of additional lighting tools around your show master workplace. The programmable LED buzzer box, however, is a helpful option for repeated actions during your show event or DJ session.

Eine USB-Pushbox mit LED als Egäuzung einer DJ-Ausstattung
A LED buzzer box can become your perfect addition to your DJ equipment!

3. Share your interactive exhibition or presentation in new light!

There are two more examples of scenarios which require a certain degree of darkness: some exhibitions or showrooms and screen presentations. If you programmed your “normal” USB pushbox on some specific functions which you want to simulate, this is generally great. The LED pushbox, however, is even easier to handle in the dark or in a twilight atmosphere as its buttons glow in the colours you assigned to them. If showroom or exhibition visitors use the buttons, too, this extra glow also becomes an eye-catcher.

Bildschirmsimulation technischer Zusammenhänge im Showroom lassen sich noch intuitiver gestalten
Simulating technical features on screen with an extra glow

4. Show your CI “true colours” with a LED buzzer box!

A company’s corporate identity has many facets. One of the most evident ones is the company logo in a specific combination of colours which ideally reoccurs in customer-relevant presentations and documents. Using a LED pushbox in with exactly this CI feature can make its functions more intuitive and memorable. As your buzzer box is delivered  as a flexible developer kit, you can easily adjust both functions and colour design according to your needs.

Google hat eines der bekanntesten CI-Farbschemata
Google has one of the best-known CI colour combinations worldwide

5. Make your workplace safer and more effective!

Whatever your workplace may be – people like safe choices with little inconvenience. Especially if there are more complex and parallel IT operations ahead, it always pays out to see immediately which button simulates a certain function.  First, you avoid errors with clear signals. Second, especially in production cycles with sharp knives or heavy machines an intuitive handling can save life and health. Like the “normal” USB pushbox, the LED pushbox is suitable for “rougher” environments with heavy weights, dust and splash water. There are only two things to remember:  Do not apply any weights more than 100 kilos in the long term and place buzzers and pushboxes on a non-vibrating ground!

Die USB-Pushbox mit LED kann einen Beitrag zur Arbeitssicherheit leisten
Let's talk about workplace safety!

6. Embrace changes in your workflow!

Work environments change, routine tasks and user requirements change, too. Whatever change you make in your show programme, logistics chain or production processes, your LED buzzer box stays with you along the way. In order to adapt its design and IT process simulation, you only need to use the easy-to-use developer kit and adapt it to your new goals.

Veränderungen begrüßen dank anpassbarer USB-Hardware
Adapting your LED buzzer box to new tasks is easy!

Are you interested in knowing more about USB pushboxes in general? Then check out their advantages and technical features. Do you want to get to know our LED buzzer box “live” and get it for your company? Go to our partner’s shop and get yours!