File recovery software for “Pro” users


File recovery software for complex cases

You are looking for a reliable file recovery software after data loss and you’ve found MaxDataGenius Pro (MDGP). However, you are not sure if you’ve chosen the right product? Our short and structured product checklist answers the most important questions for you. Do you need further information on possible user scenarios for this file recovery software) Then please check out our examples of use.
Find out if MDGP is the right file recovery software for you!

Find out if MDGP is the right file recovery software for you!

Who can use the file recovery software MDGP?

  • all users who want to find and recover lost files and folders on a Windows- or Mac-based medium
  • all users with recovery issues with data from a Linux-based medium
  • users who haven‘t worked professionally with data recovery and disk structures
  • especially users who are experienced with data recovery and disk structures
  • especially users who want to go beyond data recovery and want to optimize and analyze their media
  • all users who want to solve common data recovery problems quickly and easily
  • users who work with disks in a business or expert setting, e.g. in the IT business sector

What can MDGP do for you?

  • automatically search logical volumes for lost files
  • recover lost or deleted files
  • detect all lost volumes on a disk and recover them
  • recover files on disks which have been formatted incorrectly or unintendedly
  • analyze the performance and status of a disk with a disk diagnosis tool

How does MDGP function?

  • scans logical volumes and physical disks thoroughly
  • detects and recovers files and volumes which have been lost or deleted
  • analyzes the status and and performance at the disk as a starting point for further optimization and data recovery scenarios
  • „dives deep“ into the disk structure for exact results

Which devices and file systems is the file recovery software MDGP compatible with?

  • all commonly used Windows and Mac file systems
  • mechanical harddisks (integrated in „older“ Windows and Mac devices)
  • Linux-based file systems, often used in an IT development context
  • SSD harddisks (integrated in „newer“ Windows and Mac devices
  • flash media, e.g. SD cards and USB flash drives
  • Windows-based servers

Which advantages does MDGP offer as a file recovey software?

  • an all-in-one package of frequently occurring data recovery scenarios and disk tools
  • reliable and quick e-mail support by IT experts
  • high quality performance which has been developed, proven, and tested for more than a decade
  • easy-to-use software also for users without experience in data recovery
  • several disk tools as options for a deeper analysis of disk structures (used by experienced users like developers, IT consultants and admins)