Ten crazy buzzer situations

September 27, 2022 Aus Von Anna Katherina Ibeling
Time for big grin - crazy situations for a buzzer
Ten funny things to do with a USB buzzer 😉

Life is serious enough these days – so let’s add some fun and humour to the gadgets we use in business and family life!  A small wink-eye note: Naturally some of these user tips for your USB buzzer are only meant to make you smile for a moment. In a serious world and a humourless environment, they might cause you trouble ;).

Our current "Top Ten buzzer pranks"

1. Play bullshit bingo in a boring meeting!

We all know these buzzwords which occur in almost every business meeting and some of them might make you roll your eyes every time. For more meeting fun, create a bullshit bingo for all these trigger words and whenever you hear them, hit the buzzer to make it say “Bullshit!”.

2. Log your colleague's computer off and on again !

Like many of us, you’ve got that colleague who believes to be better, faster and smarter at all tasks? Then it’s time for a small joke. Plug in the USB buzzer to his or her computer. Whenever your colleague starts to school and criticise everyone, log on and off his or her working device with a push!

3. Mess up the PPP and make everyone laugh!

You or your colleague must show the company’s standard Power Point presentation to another department or to your potential business partner. With every second you realize that your audience’s attention is drifting away? Then you’ve got two solutions – you urgently need to re-work this presentation (which takes a lot of time) or you spice it up with some funny interruptions – e.g by suddenly switching  to a Roadrunner cartoon, a Monty Python video or by playing in some wake-up sound effects. Please check first if your audience has got enough humour to take these plot twists.

Give your presentations a personal buzzer note!
Give your presentations a personal buzzer note!

4. Train your cat or dog to push the buzzer for food!

Sometimes pets are only human, aren’t they? They love to eat, to sleep, to interact and to play – just like us!  Why not make your USB buzzer a toy for your cat or dog (or a USB pushbox for “advanced players”)? Program a sound into the buzzer when your pet hits it and treat it with food so your cat or dog learns to “order food by push”.

5. Keep your kids "buzzy" in the home office!

In spite of all efforts and forms of relief for working mums and dads, organizing a home office around babies and children remains a challenge. This becomes most evident when day care, schools and nursery schools are closed for any reason. While juggling daily chores, office tasks, customer deadlines and smelly diapers, you can integrate your offspring into your remote workday. Teach your school kids to program a USB buzzer or pushbox for their younger siblings (maybe show them how to use the copy machine, too) and let the toddler enjoy the push effects, like animal sounds or music. Everyone will be busy, that’s a promise!

6. Make your teenagers listen to you by turning off their games!

It’s dinner time and your teenage kids are exceeding their gaming time limit again? Take an ultra-long USB cable and connect the buzzer to your teen’s computer. Beforehand, you need to program it with operations like “sound mute” or “Escape”. Place the buzzer outside the bedroom and hit it by hand or foot if you think that you’ve had enough of being ignored.

7. Get your partner’s attention!

You have to talk to your partner, but your loved one does not listen because he or she is lost in a video game world? Try tip 2 or 6 and you’ll surely get all the attention you wanted!

Everyone can hit a USB buzzer - even your pet can!
Everyone can hit the buzzer - even your cat can!

8. Finish nagging with a hit on the buzzer!

We all know these occasions when people start talking about the same irritating topics all over again, hitting all points that really hurt. But before you think about throwing the knife across the table, rather place a USB buzzer next to your foot and hit it whenever your mother-in-law criticizes your garden, job or looks. A loud song or cartoon voice out of nothing will surprise and silence everyone!

9. Make your buzzer an active listener!

It’s great to give your partner some attention (see point 7), but sometimes we all need some quiet time, too. Program a number of active listening sounds (“Mhhhm!”, “Oh yeah?”, “You’re joking!”, “Really!” etc.) and answers (“Yes!”, “No!”, “Maybe!”) into a USB Pushbox and put it on and under your desk. When your wife or husband asks you for the third time If you REALLY want to book a hotel in Italy for holidays, just press “Yes!”.

10. Use the buzzer to organize meetings and solve conflicts!

While the tips 1 and 3 help you to disrupt a stiff, boring meeting with humour, USB pushbuttons help you to organize a meeting or conflict solution in a private or business setting. Limit the talking time for chatterers with a push or keep your partner from insulting you in a conflict by buzzing a “Stop” button. With a buzzer at hand, you’ve got numerous possibilities to bring back some order into every discussion. There’s a reason why buzzer game shows on TV are so popular.

After the fun part, would you like to know some more serious reasons to use a USB buzzer or pushbox? Then check out the user scenarios on the product page!