Care for your hardware!

Oktober 25, 2022 Aus Von Anna Katherina Ibeling
Ihre Speichermedien: zu wertvoll zum Wegwerfen!

The microchip production and delivery processes are in a severe crisis. Among other factors, the Covid19 pandemic, the current energy crisis, inflation and a general shortage of raw materials make it difficult to purchase hardware and deliver any hardware components from one place in the world to another. Needless to say – at a reasonable price! So it is time to make sure that the disks and flash media which you already work with stay in shape. In order to keep up your disks’ performance, it is advisable to move on with some helpful steps.

How to keep up hardware performance

1. Always store your hardware in a safe environment.

Many hardware defects are caused by accidents and physical damage. At best, keep your physical disks, USB flash drives and memory cards away from water and sharp objects, maybe also from kids and pets. Also check that they cannot fall down.

2. Regularly analyse your hardware's data structure.

If you’re an IT expert, you might be used to looking “beyond the surface” of your disk. Going through this process manually takes a lot of effort and knowledge, even high costs if you are not familiar with disk structure analysis. However, luckily there is software on the market analysing your disks automatically.

3. Clean up your hardware.

No, this is not about getting a wet cloth and cleaning the dust off your CD collection.Needless to say that some general care for your discs’  (and disks’) surface is also helpful. Here’s the issue: Like in a messy, often-restructured cupboard, it is necessary to check the contents of your hardware for empty boxes, trash and damaged stuff. You can do this with a specialized performance-boosting program, too

Heißer Kaffee? Vorsicht mit den Speichermedien!
Caution, hot coffee! Keep your office hardware safe.

4. Refresh your hardware's inner structure at times.

Cleaning up your “digital cupboards” helps to accelerate your harddisk’s (or flash media’s) performance. However, sometimes you might want more. More order, more speed, while dealing with less storage issues and error messages. Therefore, you needn’t only clean up your hardware, but completely refresh its storage structure. You probably know this from your latest move into a new house. In order to transfer your stuff, you thoroughly clean and put together the parts of a new cupboard, label some boxes, store your stuff into them and finally re-arrange the boxes in the brandnew cupboard. Now it’s done – your new cupboard is perfectly refreshed, and so is your disk.

5. Create an exact physical backup copy – or a virtual disk image.

Maybe you could not prevent a hardware accident with water or height. Even though you might not be able to save the case of your hardware, you can still prevent data loss. Therefore, create a physical backup on a second medium in time. Alternatively or additionally, it is advisable to duplicate your disk’s content and structure on a virtual disk image.


Do you want to know how to care for your hardware easily? Then you’re welcome to check how our data recovery software can help you out via its disk tools!

Daten sind wertvoll - kümmern Sie sich um Ihre Speichermedien!
Your data is priceless - keep your hardware up to date!