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Software Developer Job Description

About Company

Grau GmbH is in the field of software and hardware development since 2006. We develop data recovery software very successfully since 2006.  More recently, we added research and development (RTK GPS and computer vision) for robotic mowers to our company services. NOTE: We are looking for freelancers too – if you are a freelancer with the skills below, please contact us.

A) Robot Operating System (ROS) Programmer – Skills and Programming Kowledge
(1) ROS C/C++/Python programming (robot controller, Gazebo simulation, etc.)
(2) Understanding SLAM (amcl, gmapping, Google cartographer, etc.), sensors (2D/3D LiDAR projection etc.), sensor fusion (EKF, Kalman etc.), coverage planning, path planning (e.g. graph-based a-star) and path tracking (MPC, stanley control etc.)

B) Client/Server Programmer – Skills and Programming Knowledge

(1) Server programming (Node.js, Python, Go, PHP, REST API, MySQL databases, encrpytion, CA certificates, OAuth2 etc., high performance HTTP servers like NGINX)

(2) Client/Server simulation programming, scaling server programming, basics of Javascript application development, HTML, CSS

C) App Developer Web, Android, iOS  – Skills and Programming Knowledge


(1) Javascript application development, HTML, CSS, Cordova/PhoneGap, Evothings, iOS, Android SDK

(2) Basics of Client-server programming (HTTP, HTTPS, REST)


Basic knowledge of Python, C, ROS, embedded systems, Linux

D) Computer Vision and AI Specialist – Skills and Programming Knowledge


(1) computer vision (image operations, 3D/360 degree LiDAR and camera localization etc.)

(2) AI :  semantic-based camera localization, camera-based object detection, image and video segmentation, convolutional LSTM networks, etc.


Basic knowledge of OpenCV, Python, C, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Torch, Keras, ROS, embedded systems, Linux


Three plus years of proven experience in actual work with the majority of listed programming languages and technologies.


No degree in computer sciences is required. Engineering/math degree is a plus.

Job Requirements

Ability to develop software based on the description of business logic.
Ability to work and produce required results without close supervision.
Motivated individuals may work from the privacy of their own home – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (12:00-1:00 break).
The payment is based on negotiations.