Video Repair Tool (VRT) in a nutshell

Videos take an important role in everyone’s daily life nowadays – be it your private holiday film or your company’s image video. Now you have some damaged video files and you are searching for the ideal software to make them run again. Aren’t you sure yet if our video repair tool VRT is perfect for your movies or which version you should select? Then go through our VRT checklist with the most important facts first! If this product overview does not answer your questions, read our user scenarios, the FAQ or contact us for support.


One video repair tool for a number of formats!

Our video repair tool - a simple solution for your movie files!

Our video repair tool – a simple solution for your movie files!

Who can use this video repair tool?

      • everyone who wants to repair and optimize their video files
      • every user with damaged video files on a digital camera or smartphone
      • users who recovered lost video files with a data recovery software (e.g. MaxDataGenius) but whose videos do not play correctly

What can VRT do for you?

      • decode and repair damaged video files
      • optimize video files and enhance their quality

How does VRT function?

      • repairs corrupted codecs within the video files by transferring and applying the faultless file structures of another video on the same device („reference file“)
      • checks and optimizes only video files which have already been recovered (e.g. via MaxDataGenius) or are still available on the device in question

Which devices and file systems is VRT compatible with?

      • a number of current smartphone types
      • many current camera types (digital)
      • most devices with a windows file system
      • many devices with a Mac file system

Which advantages does VRT offer?

      • a wide array of functions
      • zuverlässiger und zeitnaher E-Mail-Support durch IT-Fachleute
      • high quality performance which has been developed, proven, and tested for more than a decade
      • “all in one” functionality for your video files