When to use a push button


„Push the button!“

There are are a couple of situations which you wish to be easier and less risky for your hardware and software or even your life and health. Sometimes, an easy-to-use and robust push button can take away your worries. This article highlights seven scenarios for a programmable push button.
Push buttons can be used in an IoT-setting

Push buttons can be used in an IoT-setting

1. Industry and IoT

Are you worried that your employees get a hot key wrong and thus can bring any disruptions into your production processes? Or do you wish to make your production processes even more efficient by eliminating the input of hot keys? A push button, customized according to your needs, can help you out.

2. Trade shows and product presentation

At trade shows, many people might want to touch and watch a product. But many people without experience can also spoil your product presentation or cause serious damage. You needn’t lock your laptop or industry product away at a trade show – just place a robust push button near the machine and let your potential customers play!
Using a push button in medicine can save data

Using a push button in medicine can save data

3. Medicine and diagnostics

In the medicine and diagnostics sector, you might find it too complicated to enter hot keys or a full-text search while treating a patient or analysing a radiograph. With a push of a programmable button, you can make your medical procedures easier and you do not risk to commit data and handling errors in a busy environment.

4. Gaming and entertainment

Games and music are fun. They should never be complicated to handle. With a correctly programmed push button, a spontaneous buzz of ideas is no longer a problem. Using a push button is the most inuitive way to go if you do not need anything but a simple push on a buzzer.

5. Photo boxes and photographer‘s studios

Every photographer knows them, most people love them: photo boxes for funny, spontaneaous snapshots, for example at a wedding or birthday party. Instead of a complicated touchscreen, a correctly connected push button can always cause a „click“ in the right moment. This aspect is also interesting for photographer‘s studios in general. The photographer has the possibility to connect a camera to the push button and needn‘t interrupt his or her interaction with customers while taking photos.
Pushing an emergency button on the treadmill prevents injuries

Pushing an emergency button on the treadmill prevents injuries

6. Security matters

There are many situations in everyday life or within production processes which require immediate action with regard to security. A factory worked must be able to stop a machine when his or her life and health are in danger. Users of gym machines must have the option to stop their training without thinking a lot how to do it – for example if they suffer from a cramp or sudden circulation problems. In these and many other cases pushing a button can save lives or prevent injuries or damages.

7. Easy use of automatons

Many automatons could be used in an easier way then they actually are. It can be nerve-racking for customers in a hurry to wait for a slow touchscreen mechanism to react. From a usability perspective, push buttons can be a valuable alternative, for example if you want to print out a train ticket. Push buttons are especially helpful for people with a diminished eye-sight or hand-eye-coordination.
One push button - many purposes

One push button – many purposes

You see – in many situations pushing a button with your hand or foot is the most intuitive option, compared to touchscreens, mouse clicks or hot keys. And in some cases, a push button can even be a life-saver. More about our fully and easily programmable push buttons and the option to purchase on our main product information page.