When to use MaxDataGenius Basic for your business

MaxDataGenius Basic in a business setting

Did you think that every data recovery case in a business environment requires an extended software version? The answer is simple: No, you needn’t – at least with regard to our MaxDataGenius recovery programme. Sometimes the simpler and low-priced solutions are the better ones – even in a professional setting. And although it might be less profitable for us, we‘re going to present you a number of recovery scenarios which do not demand a license of the Pro version – MaxDataGenius Basic is should be sufficient here. In addition, we inform you in which special cases you should „go Pro“ within these scenarios.

Cameras are always at risk to get damaged - but you can easily save your data!

Cameras are always at risk to get damaged – but you can easily save your data!

1. You‘re a photographer or professional filmmaker and you‘ve lost pictures and videos on your computer or camera.

The perfect picture is the photographer‘s capital – but pictures and videos can also get lost in the weirdest contexts. Let‘s face it – cameras as sensitive media are always in danger zone, be it damages through the powers of nature or pure human negligence at a big and crowded event. You can use MaxDataGenius Basic if you only need a „simple“ recovery scenario without the special requirements of RAW recovery. If you are sure that you have to recover RAW files, it might help you to try MaxDataGenius Pro instead.

2. You want to use MaxDataGenius Basic to get back your MS Office documents or other business documents in a common file format.

Lost your presentation? Get it back with MaxDataGenius Basic.

Lost your presentation? Get it back with MaxDataGenius Basic.

It‘s almost a classic – you had this awful harddisk defect on the laptop which has all your business files on it. And just this month, you did not have the time to create a backup disk. But there‘s good news for you: With the lower-priced version of MaxDataGenius, you can already save a good part of your PowerPoint presentations, business letter templates and Excel files which are embedded in commonly used file systems. If you are working with a server or with a more specialised, Linux-based file system, you should think about MaxDataGenius Pro.

It is always a lot of stress for companies to lose video material

It is a lot of stress for companies to lose video marketing material

3. You‘ve lost your company‘s image videos.

Everyone who has ever done video marketing knows how many hours you have to work on a convincing image video for their company or services. How annoying it feels when a computer virus kills the data on your disk! But you needn‘t „do it all again“ now – with MaxDataGenius Basic, you can recover all common video formats. If your video doesn‘t play adequately after recovery, you can use our Video Repair Tool. We don‘t want to lie to you – it does happen that videos need an additional repair because data loss can be unpredictable.

4. You are a HR expert and you lost your candidates‘ application files.

You can save your job candidates' digital files with MaxDataGenius Basic

You can save your job candidates’ files with MaxDataGenius Basic

Many candidates apply with PDF portfolios or other digital media formats. You often receive individual application e-mails with attachments unless the company only offers a completely automatized HR portal or process. What if you need to „make a match“ for a vacant position in your company and you‘ve lost important documents before you could create a backup? MaxDataGenius Basic can help you out and save you and your candidates a lot of effort. If your data is placed on a Windows server, however, you should test MaxDataGenius Pro.

Working extra hours after data loss? Not necessary!

Working extra hours after data loss? Not necessary!

5. You need to recover administration data with MaxDataGenius Basic.

Administration is everywhere – this factor also applies to business, even more than to private life, Keeping your administrative documents in check is always a bunch of daily work. Contracts, business proposals, invoices – everything should be in place and available if you need to evaluate your business processes. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, also administrative documents can be lost or deleted. And although it is professional data that you need to recover, in most cases in a Windows or Mac environment it is sufficient to test and use MaxDataGenius Basic.

Whatever topic you're writing about - MaxDataGenius Basic helps you out if your words

Whatever you’re writing about – MaxDataGenius Basic helps you out if your words “get lost”

6. You are an author or scholarly person and your written materials are lost due to technical defects.

Knowledge accumulates quickly, especially when it is written down in a computer document or captured in graphics. But it is lost just as easily. As most dissertations, fictional and non-fictional books consist of common file formats, it is generally not a problem to recover them with MaxDataGenius Basic.

7. You are a photo artist or graphic designer and have to recover your customers‘ pictures and contents after a disk failure.

MaxDataGenius Basic helps you to restore complex graphics

MaxDataGenius Basic helps you to restore complex graphics

Here we come back to the photographer‘s dilemma – taking and optimizing a great picture takes a good timing, a keen eye and a little luck, too. If you are being one of the unlucky ones whose hardware failed during work processes, you might lose a lot of time and money. Bad news is: You need to recover your data now. Good news is: MaxDataGenius Basic includes most of the necessary scenarios you need in order to get back your graphics.

8. You just don‘t know yet which version of MaxDataGenius you need in order to solve your data loss problem.

If you already decided for MaxDataGenius and you‘re not sure yet which software version you should choose, just try the Basic version first and check the Pro version if it does not recover your file types correctly. You can try both versions before you buy in order to get the best possible recovery results.

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