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Analysis and optimization with Disk Tools


Disk diagnosis and disk tools go the extra mile

Disk diagnosis and disk tools go the extra mile “beyond data recovery”


Especially if you are dealing with data administration, hardware analysis or disk structures and performance on a professional level, you might have to do more than “just” recover lost files and volumes. You might have to “dive deeper” into the analysis and performance factors of your own or your customers’ working media. Users of MaxDataGenius Pro can dispose of a complete toolbox in order to restore their disks’ best shape.

  • RAID-Wiederherstellung,: select individual disks of a broken RAID system (JBOD, RAID0, RAID5 and combinations like RAID50 etc.) and reconstruct the RAID system for data recovery with a mouse-click
  • Browse native and foreign file systems: browse file systems not available on your computer! (for example browse HFS+ or Linux volumes on your PC)
  • Wipe data: securely wipe individual files
  • Disk diagnostics: analyze media to detect bad blocks, show disk usage check individual sectors within the partition table
  • Hex Viewer: analyze your disk structure with an integrated binary view, e.g. for checking a RAW file system
  • Disk Tools: dispose of a toolbox which optimizes and analyzes disk performance
Find out what's beyond your harddisk's surface!

Find out what’s beyond your harddisk’s surface!

What Disk Tools can do for your media

Here’s a short overview of the disk tools integrated in MaxDataGenius pro and of their purposes.

  • Disk image files: You can create and restore disk image files in order to create safe virtual images of logical volumes, e.g. if you detected bad blócks on your disk and want to conduct further analysis or scans.
  • Copy disk: You can create a direct disk-to-disk copy by making MaxDataGenius rewrite all blocks of a physical disk on another medium.
  • Clean up disk: You can securely wipe unused space with binary or random numbers and thus make sure that deleted files are entirely eliminated.
  • Wipe disk: You can wipe entire media and irrevocably delete all files on them, e.g. if you want to reuse a disk with sensitive data for another purpose.
  • Refresh disk: You can safely verify and rewrite all media blocks to increase data endurance.
  • View disk: You can analyze all performance and structural details in the hex view and transfer the script of individual sectors to the logfile.

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